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  • How to setup Nginx Reverse Proxy

    Setting up a reverse proxy using Nginx involves the following steps: Here is a sample configuration file that you can use as a starting point: In this example, Nginx is configured to listen on port 80 for requests to the domain. All requests to this domain are proxied to the server. The proxy_pass […]

  • How to setup Apache Reverse Proxy

    A reverse proxy is a server that sits in front of web servers and forwards client requests to the appropriate server. Here are the steps to set up a reverse proxy using the Apache web server on Ubuntu 22.04: Add the following content to the file: Replace with the domain name of your website. […]

  • How to set up Wireguard Server

    WireGuard is a modern VPN protocol that is easy to set up and configure. Here are the steps to set up a WireGuard server: Setup Server This will create two files, privatekey and publickey, in the current directory. Keep the private key secret and distribute the public key to your clients. Replace <server private key> […]