VPN Server

How to setup Wireguard VPN Server

In this article, we will be discussing how to install wireguard VPN on your VPS.

There are a lot of VPS providers who provide servers as cheap as 5$ per month and also some provide them for free. so we can make use of that servers to set up our own private VPN server.


Let’s continue with the installation process

  1. Ubuntu 16.04 server or the latest
  2. Sudo user access
  3. Firewall enabled
  4. Static Ipv4 address for your server normally all VPS providers provide 1 IP address.
Method 1: Automatic
sudo apt update
curl -O
chmod +x
Method 2: Manual
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wireguard
wg genkey | sudo tee /etc/wireguard/private.key
sudo chmod go= /etc/wireguard/private.key
sudo cat /etc/wireguard/private.key | wg pubkey | sudo tee /etc/wireguard/public.key